Cat Paw Print SMWe believe that Bitcoin will do for banksters and their ilk what email has done for postal services.Bitcoin

Who sends a conventional ‘letter’ these days?

The long-held ‘belief’ that to transfer money, you had to wait days, and pay a fortune to do so quickly is, thankfully, becoming history.

“But no-one uses Bitcoin!” someone shouts.

Right. Just give it a couple of years, and we’ll all wonder how we actually managed to get along with slow, corrupt, and expensive Merchant Bankers.

What do they actually do  to ‘earn’ their money, anyway?

As you can probably tell, we’re having to be very  reserved in this page. We could ramble on this subject for hours.

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin, or have but don’t really know what all the fuss is about, all we can suggest is that you visit CoinDesk. They’ll tell you everything you need to know. Hells, there’s even a beginners guide on the right hand side of the page to explain the concept of decentralized banking, and what it will do to the monetary systems of the entire planet.

Hyperbole? Check it out and tell us we’re wrong in a couple of years time.

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