Out! Get Out, Black Spot!

The Cats Knackers

Back here at TCK Headquarters, we have two cameras. One is the posh Canon 700D ‘Sunday Best’ (which were still learning how to properly use), while the other, for day-to-day use, is a little Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20 we picked up a few years ago. This Lumix is the a great camera -a … Continue reading

Terminating Tales of the Top Plate

The Cats Knackers

Today, amongst many other things (…we’ve been up since six and still haven’t stopped…), was a trip down to an engineering company on the recommendation of Mr Ward Senior with the aim of taking the surface paint/covering off the aluminium top plate for The Dalek’s remote control. We had thought it would … Continue reading

News Of The Chairman…

The Cats Knackers

We haven’t mentioned this, but of late, our beloved chairman has not been feeling his usual self. We initially put this down to the changing of the seasons, or even early Spring fever, but we realised last week that this could no longer be ignored. He was gnawing himself down his … Continue reading

Lights, Camera, ACTION

tiny planet

Recently, as you will know, Dear Reader, we’ve installed the large advertising screen in the main window down at Union St. This is now fully operational, and, dare we say it, lookin’ good. However, we’re just mere grunts here at TCK. Yes, we can wire stuff up, and yes, we can make … Continue reading

Steady As She Goes

The Cats Knackers

Lets not get too excited here, but today may well mark the final day of drilling, cutting and filing metalwork. We just finished popping those final holes in the top of the remote control front panel, and even if we says it ourselves, it’s lookin’ pretty damn good. You may remember, Dear … Continue reading

All Quiet On The Western Front

Well no, not really. It just looks that way from the outside. This morning, we’ve finally sorted out the Grow Sheffield mailbox on the laptop we’d been loaned. For reasons known only to the hosting company, they recently decided to change all the mail servers and port settings. So, we looked … Continue reading

Flappy Paddle Actuator Levers

This morning, we carried on from where we left off with the remote for The Beast. You’ll remember that last time, we were positively glowing over just how good the new joystick really is, but even though we didn’t mention it, we were not looking forward to putting the holes in the … Continue reading

Fun With The New Joystick…

The Cats Knackers

Yes, it’s finally Friday, and we’ve certainly got ‘That Friday Feeling’. So much so that we’ve spent much of the morning working on the Beast’s remote control, paying particular attention to the much-maligned joystick. You may remember, Dear Reader, that the previous joystick was the same one fitted to a … Continue reading

Bouncing Back

The Cats Knackers

Well, Mr Ward Senior has had his big operation. It was the ‘Whipple’ -a ‘standard’ one for cancer of this type, and his surgeon and the team are very happy with the results. Apparently, the cancer wasn’t metastatic, and by that, we mean that fortunately, it hadn’t yet begun its inevitable spread … Continue reading

Mixed News

And so that interminably loooong month of January finally comes to an end, and as it does so, it leaves a kind of sweet yet sour taste in the back of the throat. Sweet, because we’ve just picked up another part-time teaching gig. This is for a training company who specialise … Continue reading