Medical Updates and Frustrations.

Thankfully, our Dear Leader is continuing to make good progress! Friday evening, he had a bowel movement, switftly followed by several more, and our excitement at this event was swiftly brought down to earth by the sheer power and pungancy of these movements.  Our Fearless Leader is a chap with … Continue reading

A slight setback.

Our founding chairperson (chaircat?) has been taken quite seriously ill. On Monday evening he reported feeling under the weather, then after a morning of projectile vomiting on Tuesday, I had to get him to his doctor’s. Bad news, I’m afraid. He had somehow managed to get his small intestine all … Continue reading

The tale of the hard drive…

Late last week, a very close friend called me about her laptop.  It had thrown a fit, and was basically giving her all manner of nasty errors, and could I fix it for her? Of course, I replied. This laptop and myself have a long history together.  It’s a beautiful … Continue reading

Bitten by a Bug!

And so, I turned by PC on this morning, made a cup of early-morning tea, and when I returned, I found that it hadn’t connected to the router, hadn’t got an i.p. address, and therefore my plans for early email checking were dashed. Could it be a hardware problem?  Was … Continue reading


“…May you live in interesting times,” is a Chinese curse, apparently. All I can say is that somewhere down the line, I must have really upset someone. In a while, when things settle down a little -and I’m less tired than I am now- I’ll take some time out to … Continue reading

Busier than the cat…

…At both his food bowls. Despite the fact that graphic design has never really been one of our strong points -we’re more electronics and coding boys, one of our favourite customers asked us very nicely if we’d do some graphics work for the new menu for his cafe/deli in Sheffield … Continue reading

CSS kind-of-sorted.

Still not all that happy with it, but it will have to do for now. At least there’ll be no more of those horrid icons. Yak. Tomorrow, if I get the chance, I’ll sort out the vile colours, too.

Here we GO!

Well, the countdown timer has finally clicked over, so now there’s no excuse. Do or die, The Cats Knackers is now finally fully up and running. …And we’re loving it! Thrills, spills, and all the fun of the fair. Watch this space, as we’ll be updating this column regularly with … Continue reading