Surely Not?

The Cats Knackers

So we made the long, long haul across town to Handsworth, home of the Bus Stop Boys and the inevitable sniggering hulk that is The Dalek. We could hear it giggling to itself from down the road as we approached. Snigger, snigger, snigger… It was thinking it would leave us foaming … Continue reading

It’s Not Just About Daleks

The Dear Reader would be forgiven for thinking that TCK is entirely about The Dalek. Luckily, it’s not. TCK is a way of paying the bills (…which The Dalek, unfortunately doesn’t…), but more importantly somehow, it’s a way for us to learn fun, new things and be creative with stuff. To meet new … Continue reading

Who’s The Idiot?

The Cats Knackers

Yep. That’d be us. A Proper, Full-On Dipstick. But first let us backtrack… Over this last weekend, we’ve been busily beavering away, working hard on The Beast From Hell to get the remote control and our coding up to scratch so we could happily trit-trot over to The Bus Stop workshops … Continue reading

Loose Ends

Apart from a few much-needed hours down at the TCK allotment today, we’ve spent much of the weekend tidying up the main Dalek code in C++ on the Raspberry Pi. Amongst other things, this has involved writing error-checking and the ‘What If?’ routines. Such as:- “What happens if you switch … Continue reading

Confusion And Resolution

The Cats Knackers

Okay, so the latest in this saga… We now have the original remote control box (with completely new circuitry) and the replica Dalek board running better than it ever did. The Raspberry Pi at the heart of the Beast now completely behaves itself. It does not crash at start up, nor … Continue reading

Despite The Fact…

The Cats Knackers

…that TCK Towers has been the temporary home to the LEAF Christmas beeswax candle makers for the last three evenings, with all the associated mess, noise, distractions, and food we’ve been providing for everyone, we’ve managed to mostly stay away from the controlled chaos, so today has gone pretty well Dalek-wise. … Continue reading

Sync or Swim

Phew! A busy few days. Okay, it’s been mostly ‘bill-paying’ work (…which normally is nowhere near as much fun as other things we do…), but fortunately this has been pretty challenging and very rewarding. It has involved the supply of a 40″ LED TV for Matt at Union St to … Continue reading

All Gone Quiet?

The Cats Knackers

Bah! You thought we’d gone to ground. Or given up. Had ‘The Beast From Hell’ beaten us? Oh, don’t be so silly, Dear Reader. Of course it hasn’t ‘beaten us’. However… In this last two weeks we’ve had a shed-load of ‘proper’ (i.e. ‘Bill-Paying’) work in, so this obviously needed doing, but in … Continue reading

Cautiously Carrying On

The Friday Sketch at Grow Sheffield went well, and from the event they had on Friday afternoon and evening, we have two new submissions for the Sheffield Food Network, and this is good. Friday evening saw more work on The Dreaded Beast From Hell mkII, and this went very well, too. … Continue reading


Well, maybe not completely fabulous, or even absolutely fabulous, but you get the drift. Yes, there have been a couple of thorns in the side, but mostly today has been a very positive day and on the Dalek-front at least, we’ve certainly taken great strides forward. You may recall, Dear Reader, that we were going … Continue reading