The Cats KnackersA short while ago, we were contacted indirectly by Sheffield Library Service with an idea for a city-wide website that could connect all the local volunteer libraries.

It would be a central point for library users, to see just what is on offer from their local library, but also a central point of communication for these libraries themselves.

So, we got our heads together and came up with the design you’ve just come from.

No, it’s not overly fancy and there are no flashing ‘giffs’ or other potentially annoying features. It also had to be totally mobile-friendly.

It also has to show not only the individual branches, but from their own ‘What’s On?’ pages, the viewer should be able to keep in touch and see when future events are planned.

When the user clicks on their local branch, they can see an overview, giving opening days and times, and also courses or other regular events. By pressing a tab the user can then see the events pages as a series of colourful tiles. By clicking on a tile, a separate page is shown giving full details of that attraction.

From the website’s main page, there is also a ‘Subscribe’ button which enrols the user onto the mailing list of local libraries. A regular monthly/fortnightly(?) newsletter would then be sent out to all subscribers.

This allows greater library-user engagement, allowing them to see exactly what is happening, rather than the traditional way of posters tacked up in foyers that are rarely seen.

If you’d like a website a little like this one, then give us a call on the number up at the right hand side!

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