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Is Your Website Written In WordPress?

The Cats KnackersWordPress is probably the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet today, and rightly so.

Originally designed as a fully open-source tool for Bloggers, the availability and useability of the WordPress Plug-In system has catapulted this CMS from its humble beginnings into the formidable beast that it is today.

Beautiful, unique, individual, a WordPress site can look a million dollars, yet cost a fraction of that to create.

However, there are a few issues that not many consider…

TCK Sheffield Wordpress

A WordPress site needs regular updating to keep potential hackers at bay as new vulnerabilities are found all the time. If a site is more than a few days old, it will need updating. Failure to keep on top of this makes the site vulnerable, and we’ve all heard the tales of woe as sites are hacked and defaced by determined hackers. Some hackers are in it for the money, but the majority are teenagers are ‘Just Doing It For Kicks’.

If your website is written with WordPress, then yes, you can spend hours every week making sure its up to date…

But this is taking you away from the main purpose of your site, be it to make money, or further your cause!

Why should you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and the rest, just to keep your site safe from hackers?

Let Us Handle That

TCK Sheffield for Wordpress

Here at TCK, we’re WordPress Specialists!

With our team of specialist WordPress Engineers and programmers, we can usually solve problems in minutes that would take the average eCommerce store owner or site administrator days, if not weeks to solve.

Yes, we can solve any issues you’re having with your site as a ‘one off’ job, but why not let us handle all the ‘day-to-day’ background nightmares of continual updates and patching?

We offer a totally free initial consultation so we can look around the back end of your site. We’ll let you have a report of updates needed and potential problems that may expose vulnerabilities to hackers.

WordPress Pricing

Prices start from less than £1 per day, so there’s no need to compromise your site for perceived ‘lack of money’, as this is much less than the price of your cup of morning coffee!

*We also offer discounts for voluntary and not-for-profit groups.

For further details, click here, or ring or email us for details today!

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