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We’re a Sheffield-based web design agency dedicated to helping small to medium-sized business maximise their web presence.

At TCK, we’re passionate about the Web, and we want to help you use the Web to get the most out of it for your business or organisation.

We write and maintain websites for both small and medium-sized businesses, and also large educational institutions, charities, and even voluntary associations.

When a company or individual is faced with the task of sourcing a website, they will often use the so-called ‘free’ website-builders you can see all over the Internet. While these may be ideal for a business that is just starting, potential customers of that website will often be put-off by large areas of unrelated advertising or a generic or bland ‘look’ to the site. This is where we come in.

Our websites are all unique -we don’t use templates- so we can tailor them to your specification exactly.

Many of these so-called ‘free’ website builders are also security nightmares, meaning that as soon as a potential hacker sees your site, they will know exactly how to get in to cause maximum damage to your site and your reputation.

WordPress Maintenance & Development

With the recent Europe-wide ‘GDPR’ regulations for data collection and storage, we’re acutely aware of your responsibilites to your customers, which is why we make protecting your data and website our Number One Priority.

All too often we hear of websites getting ‘hacked’ and customer data being stolen, and this has an awful effect on a business. We’re here to make sure our customers don’t fall foul of the new laws, but also we keep our customers safe in the knowledge that their websites are not only up to date but that their customers’ data is as safe as it can possibly be.

Keeping your site fully up to date can be time-consuming and frustrating, particularly if you are unsure of which updates you need and how to apply them. By having a site designed and maintained by us, we will ensure that as soon as patches come out for your website, we will apply them correctly to ensure your site is as secure as possible. We also take daily back-ups of your site, so even if you did suffer an attack, we can normally get you back online very quickly.

We can also handle your email accounts!

Many smaller companies and charities have websites, but when you try to contact them via email, you find that they are still using a Gmail or Hotmail address for their incoming mail. We don’t think this looks particularly professional or secure, so as part of our package, if you use our preferred hosting, we will include up to 8 email addresses and their administration as part of our service, so your email address can be tied to your domain with an ‘@mydomain.co.uk’ suffix

We will also help prevent email ‘Spoofing’ where spam is sent out, purportingly from your email address.

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