Cat Paw Print SMStrange as it may seem to those who know us, we are also pretty good with the written word too!WordPress Maintenance & Development

Our articles have appeared both on the Web, and also in print for various magazines and even in hardback.

Obviously, our main skills are writing about electronics and embedded code for microcontrollers, but in the past we have written on such diverse subjects as caravan heating systems, earphones for personal music players, motorcycle boots, car batteries, men’s and women’s fashion clothing, industrial kitchen equipment, immigration into Canada.

We are currently writing a series of online articles about the joys and tribulations of our favourite ‘WordPress’ as a quick and easy way of turnning great ideas into stunning websites.

From articles of no more than 200 words, right up to lengthy pieces of several thousand words, all have been well researched and written to AP standards.

This means that not only can we write the codingĀ  for your website, but we can also write the content, too.

Writing for the Web and more particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that keywords must be used in certain places within an article. Failure to use them results in a lower SEO ‘score’, but conversely, the text must remain human-readable, so it is a fine trade-off to get the perfect wording that not only satisfies Google but also makes for compelling copy.

Many hours of ‘practice’ means we can now get the balance between human-readable and machine-friendly just about right.

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