The Holy Grail

Aaaargh! This weekend has been sooooo loooong and painful. But this is where ‘painful == massive learning experience’, so this is good. Kind of. Yes, we’ve spent virtually the entire last couple of days working on ‘The Job From Hell’, also laughingly known as ‘The Dalek’. Apart from a totally Top Night on Friday … Continue reading

Wirelessly Does It

The Cats Knackers

Sorry! No movies and not even any photos tonight. Maybe tomorrow? … When we first started this project, we communicated with the Raspberry Pi via a wired network link. Just a long network cable running from the router; no problem. This enabled us to program The Beast remotely in the excellent ‘NetBeans’ … Continue reading

Finally. It Runs.

We posted yesterday on Facebook that today we’d post some photos and a video of The Beast running, and this is exactly that. This is final proof that we can still build stuff and have it actually work here in the office, despite being incredibly cramped and lacking some pretty essential … Continue reading

Learning From and Copying the Samsung Note 7

Yes, we had confidently posted that the replacement FETs would arrive on Tuesday. Obviously, and much to our annoyance, they didn’t. The supplier had ‘misplaced’ his stock of these devices. You really couldn’t make it up. After much aggravation, we ordered yet more FETs on Tuesday afternoon from a different supplier, and … Continue reading

We Need Air Freshener

No. Not from The Chairman’s bad breath (…or worse…), but to mask that unmistakeable smell of burning silicon and frying hard plastic. Yup, we had another fire today, this one bigger than the last. But, and this ‘but’ is bigger than everything, we learned much about our circuit and why this happened, … Continue reading

Lights. Camera. Action?

We’ve risen from the bizarre and unexplainable ‘funk’ of the other day, mainly by getting our head down and doing some proper work. This is where ‘proper‘ == ‘Bill Paying’. Sadly, life cannot all be about blowing stuff up and laughing manically as we wave away the fumes. We have to do … Continue reading

A Strange Anti-Climax

This last weekend, we worked on the software, but nothing we tried would work. When we checked the voltages present, nothing made any sense; it really was frustrating. After way too many fruitless hours, we finally called it quits for another day and left it, sniggering to itself. Yes, we … Continue reading

Nearer and nearer…

So we didn’t post yesterday, but that wasn’t because we were doing other things. Perish the thought. No, we were ‘in the flow’, so rather than stop to upload and process the photos, then think of something sensible to say, we kept right at it until we were literally too … Continue reading

Thank you, HMRC

No seriously, we mean it. For once, those light-fingered little scroats at ‘The Revenoo’ didn’t stop a package and demand extortionate so-called ‘duty’ on it. The Gods Of Silicon have smiled upon us. Today saw the arrival of the new motor board, all the way from China, and it looks a little blemmer. … Continue reading

Fryin’ Tonight

Ah, we knew it couldn’t last. Things were just going too well here at TCK Towers, even down to the fact that the main drive motors were ridiculously easy to wire up. We’d been kind of dreading doing this as the motors themselves have weird four-pin connectors on them, but thankfully we … Continue reading