The Cats KnackersWe haven’t mentioned this, but of late, our beloved chairman has not been feeling his usual self.

We initially put this down to the changing of the seasons, or even early Spring fever, but we realised last week that this could no longer be ignored.

He was gnawing himself down his left flank, and the inside of his rear right leg looked like he’d been shaved.

This would not do.

So, last week, we made the traumatic trip to his doctor’s just down the road.

No, his certainly didn’t want to go, but this was eased somewhat by the prospect of seeing his favourite lady doctor again, and also the trips down and back gave him the chance to swear loudly at passing dogs and small children. His carrying case is cunningly disguised as a large laptop bag for us to carry, so those in receipt of his verbal abuse didn’t know where it was coming from.The Cats Knackers

We also noted as he was shouting that he has certainly picked up the local ‘accent’, and some of his language was quite shocking.

Anyway, the doctor saw him immediately, and she said it was ‘probably stress’, so moved to give him a large injection in his back left leg.

“He’s going to jump and probably yowl as this goes in…” She said.

“Er, no. He won’t,” we replied. “He’s totally cool with injections,”

At this point, she gave us a look of total disbelief, shook her head, and told us to hold him firmly as he would squirm.

So did he yowl? Did he hurl abuse at the nice lady? Did he throw a temper tantrum?

The Cats Knackers

If I fits, I sits.

Of course not. He simply looked up as the needle went in as if to say, “There’d better be huge amounts of fresh chick-chick after this.”

And obviously, there was. Industrial amounts of fresh Co-op chicken.

The lady doctor also put him in a ‘collar of shame’. This is a medieval device designed to torture and abuse, and it was this that he swore so loudly at, knowing that for the next few days he’d be grounded, so couldn’t go down to Sunny Hillsborough with Lil’ Tig. Not that he’d be seen dead in such a thing -his mates would laugh at him, mercilessly.

Anyway, after three days and nights, we finally took pity on him and removed it. He didn’t immediately start biting his wounds, and they are now all healing nicely.

After huge amounts of cuddles, he’s back to his normal Ratty self, and for this we are grateful.

Of course, while we’re grateful to the lady doctor for healing him, we’re not grateful that she took nearly £70.00 off us, but Hells, he’s worth it.

Back to the more mundane tasks of actually keeping a roof over our heads, and this last few weeks have been, er, exciting work-wise. There are quite a few ‘possibles’ in the pipeline that may or may not come off. In between touting for more work, we’ve been putting some gloss on our favourite customer’s website, and of course, you guessed it:

The Dalek.

Tomorrow, we have to nip into town to get a birthday present for someone very close to our hearts, but after this, we’ll be taking the remote top plate down to a local engineering firm to get the top surface bead blasted. This will then give us an excellent base to apply several coats of satin black finish, so when it’s put back together, it’ll certainly look the part.

Oh, and as a side-note, we’ve been testing the super-new joystick we imported from China, and that really is The Cat’s Knackers.

The Bus Stop Boys will love it.


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