The Cats KnackersWith the world changing so quickly, there is a constant need to keep up to speed and ‘stay ahead of the curve’ when it comes to learning.

While there are many, many excellent books and even online courses available for all manner of subjects, we’ve found that for proper  learning, students really needs that ‘personal touch’.The Cats Knackers

If you need to learn about the following subjects in a hurry, or some of your staff need appropriate training, then we offer both one-to-one or group-based teaching and learning in the following subjects:

  • ‘Functional’ Maths.  This is usually for older, more mature learners who may have missed -or forgotten!- what they learned in school.  We are fully qualified, and can happily teach from Entry Level 1 right up through the Key Stages taught in secondary schools.
  • ‘Functional’ English.  As above!
  • HTML and CSS.  From beginners to more advanced users; whether your staff just need to know how to quickly and effortlessly update your company’s website, or you are wanting to learn to hard-code a complete site, our training can help you accomplish this.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.  The new Web standards, HTML5 and CSS3 are quickly becoming the new ‘must-learn’ for anyone seriously contemplating writing or maintaining their own site.  Built on the original HTML and CSS specifications, the new features allow for much richer and more dynamic websites and page effects.  A knowledge of HTML and CSS coding and principles are required for this course.
  • WordPress.  With a sizeable percentage of all  websites on the Internet written in this formidable CMS (Content Management System), we can show you how to get a great-looking and fully functional website up in mere minutes.  We can also show you how to install free plug-ins that add all kinds of functionality to give your site that extra ‘zing’ to stand out from the crowd.
  • Advanced WordPress and ‘WooCommerce’ Sites.  For those wanting to move from physical retailing into the exciting world of e-commerce, this course will show you exactly what you need to do to establish an online presence and start selling online.  A knowledge of WordPress is required for this intense and exciting course.
  • Internet Safety & Security.  The Internet can be a very, very scary place, and it seems that at every turn there are individuals and companies out to either rob you of valuable data -your usernames and passwords, for example- or they are out to bombard you with so much advertising that your whole Internet experience is ruined.  This fun and practical course is aimed at everyone who wants to know how to stay safe and well away from the potential harm done by these individuals and programs.  It will show you the best, free  packages to download and install to ensure your computer is free of spyware and completely safe to use.
  • A Brief Introduction to Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is set to completely revolutionise the worlds of e-commerce and even the banking industry itself.  Many have only heard about bitcoin, along with the negative scare stories of alleged  drugs and arms sales using it, but this short, fun, and informative course will set you on your way to learning all about this fascinating and possibly world-changing subject.  If you have an e-commerce website, we can even show you the easy way to integrate bitcoin payments into your system.  You will learn some eye-watering truths about the current banking system, and just how bitcoin effectively overcomes all the inherent system’s problems, including corruption, political manipulation and even greed.
  • An Introduction to the PIC Microcontrollers and ‘C’.  This course is for those who have seen or heard of the PIC range of microcontrollers, who know a little electronics and how to use a computer, and who want to ‘Dip Their Toes’ into this fascinating and evolving world of microcontrollers and see just what they can do.
  • An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi Computer.  This computer is being both used in schools and out in the ‘real world’ for controlling everything from traffic lights to displays, even to simple satellites.  A simple and fun course for beginners who have heard all the hype and want to experience it for themselves.

(Note: While many other training providers concentrate on pretty, fancy ‘Certificates of Merit’ for customers who go on their courses, to ‘prove’ they can ‘do’ a subject, we don’t.  We believe that learning is far, far more than simply issuing worthless ‘certificates’.  When our learners finally leave the classroom they know what they have been taught.)

For further details of our training, or to discuss your learning needs, please give us a call on the number up to the right, and we can discuss your personalised tutoring requirements!



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