The Cats KnackersToday, amongst many other things (…we’ve been up since six and still haven’t stopped…), was a trip down to an engineering company on the recommendation of Mr Ward Senior with the aim of taking the surface paint/covering off the aluminium top plate for The Dalek’s remote control.

We had thought it would look good hard anodised, but after going down to the company we thought would do it, decided against it. Their attitude left a lot to be desired.

So this morning we caught the bus down to the new engineering company, and even though we had the ‘official’ map from Uncle Google, we couldn’t find it.

They don’t have a website, and we couldn’t even see a sign announcing their presence on the road Uncle G. told us it was on.

After more than twenty fruitless minutes, we gave in and rang Mr Ward Senior to ask him where it was.

“Ah, you see that other company there?” (He knew we were right outside wherever we were meant to be.) “You have to go in, then ask for the other company, and they’ll show you the way.”

To say we were perplexed would be an understatement.

So we tried the front door of this other company and their door was locked.

Shaking our head in disbelief, we noticed someone frantically gesturing from inside the office, smiling and waving.

He then let us in, and behold! As we entered, crossing the threshold, we could feel the tingle of high-energy magic. We’d quietly slipped into another dimension.

In this ‘Engineering Dimension’, we were let into a magical courtyard full of hulking great machines; machines built to work magic with metals, and sure enough, we felt our fingertips tingling in the presence of both the metals and the high-energy magic.The Cats Knackers

Fast forward half an hour, and as we again crossed from this magical place, we saw the drab colours of Sheffield’s Lower Don Valley, and normality returned. And yet, as we looked down, shaking our head in disbelief at what had just happened, we saw that it must be true because the aluminium top plate had been magically transformed by the power of the mystical bead-blaster. All the crappy paint had disappeared, leaving dull and beautiful aluminium, begging to be primed and painted.

We were shocked and amazed. This is a company that keeps itself secret.

It doesn’t want the work.

The owner is very happy with his customers, and doesn’t want any more. He doesn’t want any stupid enquiries wasting his time; he doesn’t want to pay a receptionist to take these idiot calls. He’d much rather be out on his mystical machines, working magic with metals.

The Cats KnackersAnd for that, Sir, we salute you. We will forever keep your name and location a secret, on pain of very painful things, even from the dark hordes of shiny-suited salesmen and web-writers. From reps trying to flog stuff you obviously don’t need.

(The Wardian Cap is firmly doffed at this point.)

ANYWAY, as you can see from the photos, the top plate is now ready to be painted, and this evening, we’ve ordered the aluminium primer and some wicked blue paint from The Bay of E, so that should arrive early next week.

We received a text today from Craig of The Bus Stop Boys, saying that they’d just taken delivery of a 1990’s video game called “Terminator”. The big stand-up version where you get to hold a ‘gun’ and fire at a large screen. If this is anything like as good as the video we’ve just watched on YouTube, it’s going to be awesome.


It’s currently not working, and they have asked if we can repair it.

And that, Dear Reader, will be a story-and-a-half for another day.

Tomorrow morning is another early start as we go to see a previous teaching pupil to pick up some hardware and get a signature, then go see another past pupil to give a couple of hours of coaching on their brand new tablet they got from EE today.

Then we get to go out to see this non-working video game out at Bus Stop.

And are we looking forward to this?

Does The Pope wear a pointy hat in the woods?

(Oh, and if by some miracle we can get this video machine working, we’ll be making the Bus Stop Boys sign a document completely absolving us of any responsibility whatsoever when their workshop productivity totally plummets.)

…We’ll be back.


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