The Cats KnackersYep. That’d be us. A Proper, Full-On Dipstick.

But first let us backtrack…

Over this last weekend, we’ve been busily beavering away, working hard on The Beast From Hell to get the remote control and our coding up to scratch so we could happily trit-trot over to The Bus Stop workshops today, safe in the knowledge that it would totally work as planned.The Cats Knackers

As we’ve detailed, we’ve totally re-built the circuitry inside the remote control, and using the 100% copy of the main Raspberry Pi circuit we built a while ago, we’ve been refining and re-compiling the Dalek code ready for today’s great unveiling.

And so around lunchtime, we went over there, only to find that we’d forgotten the power supply for the remote control. (…Could someone please ring “Chimpz ‘R’ Us”?)

Undeterred, we fitted the new and improved radio transceiver, then replaced the microSIM card with the one we had worked on back here at TCK Towers.

Even though we couldn’t actually fully test it, we know that it isn’t crashing, and more importantly, it isn’t running around screaming at the staff when it feels like it.

Why? Because, Dear Reader, after we’d fitted the new parts, we turned it on, and after just a few seconds, yes, it shouted that we would be exterminated, but more importantly, the internal tell-tales continued to flash reassuringly, tellings us it was still running and hadn’t crashed, and the motors totally failed to spring into life to propel it towards the nearest shiny new VW van.

So, we’re thinking today’s little trip out there was a success.

But, we’ll be going back early-ish Thursday morning, armed with the remote control power supply so we can have it running around the workshop to its hearts content.

We’ll also be taking our kitbag full of laptop and other diagnostic gear so we can set the maximum speed it will run at -something we couldn’t do back here in our workshop for fear of completely destroying furniture, filing cabinets and entire walls.

Below should be a gallery of today’s photos:

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