A small and seemingly innocent question:  Why?

Why  does TCK exist?  Why  do we do what we do?

Yes, we could tell you what  we do.  We could go on and on, for hours and pages, rabbiting endlessly about how good we are at this,  or how we tackle that,  but in the end, that wouldn’t get to the root of it all.

And the root of it all; the reason we get out of bed in a morning, well, that’s  our ‘Why?’

Our ‘Why?’ is this:

We firmly believe that in these post-recessional, debt-fuelled, poverty-stricken times, we believe that the ordinary man and woman in the street has lost his -and her- voice.

We are constantly bombarded by politicians, Big Business, bankers, and countless other so-called ‘Authority Figures’ telling us what we can, or more likely cannot  do.

What to buy, what to eat, what to drink, what to even think

We are now more ‘controlled’ than at any other time in the past, and here at TCK, well, we think it’s about time we kicked back.

No, we’re not talking about taking to the streets with barracades and burning tyres, throwing Molotov Cocktails at police in riot gear; we’re not talking about the kinds of revolution happening in other parts of the world right now, where protesters and the security forces clash and people end up dead.


We’re talking about a quiet revolution.

We’re talking about gently and quietly  giving back more power to the people -and small business and local groups in particular.

We’ve all seen what happens on our high street when the Behemoth multinational conglomerates move in.

Small shops and businesses quickly fold, or at the very least struggle to survive against these massive stores with their huge buying power and cut-price deals.

And if you can imagine a world where all  business is Big Business, everywhere looks the same!

Every high street would have the same chain stores in it -the same coffee shops, the same sandwich shops, the same shoe shops, the same newsagents, the same ‘out-of-town’ car parks laughingly called ‘Recreational Shopping Centres’.

There would be no individual, quirky little local shops that sold local produce to local people.  There would be no local craftspeople supplying mainly locals.  There would be no soul.

It would all be homogenised, bland, sterile  kibble, shipped in from massive, centralised warehouses, staffed by workers no better off than the robots that actually built the stuff to automatically go wrong just outside the warranty period.


And so, in our small, quiet  and humble way, here at TCK, we’re kicking back.

That’s why we’re helping small businesses fight the huge chainstores.

That’s why we’re helping community groups kick back at Big Government and Big Business.

That’s why we’re pushing Bitcoin as a payment method.

That’s why.

So with that out of the way, we can say what  we do.

We write websites, both the coding and the content, and we also practice the electronics and coding of microcontrollers, specifically the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino and PIC processors.  The Raspberry Pi makes a superb  screen advertising system for shop windows or interiors, the Arduino is, well, just fun  to work with, and PIC processors are awesome  when you need electronic control of anything.

So, if you want to be a part of this quiet  revolution, or you think we could help you, then give us a call on the number to the right, or drop us an email.

Why?  Because you should.Cat Paw Print SM


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