Recent Projects

OpenForge and EthicsForge

Our most recent projects include two sites for The University Of Sheffield’s Department Of Mechanical Engineering. There were ‘Open Forge’ and ‘Ethics Forge‘.

Both these sites are presentation sites, showing off current and past-student projects which count towards their final marking at the end of the year.

Source Forge is chock-full of fascinating students’ real-world projects, while Ethics Forge is a look at some ethical questions engineers face in their daily work.

Southey Library, Sheffield

Southey Library is one of Sheffield’s associate, volunteer-run libraries. As well as all the usual book-lending activities, they also run classes and host local societies and clubs. As part of this job, we gave volunteers training to enable them to update their ‘Whats On’ and ‘News’ pages themselves, while we take good care of the website’s security in the background. The site is set such that no-one but us can actually modify the internal workings of the site -to prevent accidental damage.

Demo Doctors Surgery

We were approached by an NHS doctors surgery to ask if we could help out with the outdated website. We came up with this site as an example. Note that this site is sat on one of our servers because it is merely a rough guide as to what we can do. For this demonstration, it was made clear that our site had to look good on any size screen as patients don’t always have a PC to hand, so accessing it from a smart phone was essential. In the end, the surgery was forced by managers to use a pre-built, standard NHS site, so our’s was only used for a few months.

Mobile Car Dent Removal Service

An existing customer came to us asking for a ‘vanilla’ website for his friend’s mobile car valeting and mobile scratch-removal service. We gladly obliged, presenting him with this site, which we sent him as a zipped-up theme. As he already knew how to update and modify websites, he simply loaded it into the theme section of his website, and it all installed correctly.

As well as writing and maintaining websites, we also write the content for them, too.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck for what to say or how to say it. We are trained to AP (Associated Press) standards and we’re SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts, so your site will not only read perfectly, but it should go very high on Google for searches on your keywords and services or products.

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